(Inspired by the impressive table found at Ten Foot Polemic)

Roll Job Weapon Extra
1-2 Armorer Hammer Bronze helmet
3-4 Beekeeper Jar of bees Jar of honey
5-6 Blacksmith Hammer Steel Tongs
7-8 Bowyer Shortbow w/12 arrows spare bowstring
9-10 Brewer Keg Tapper Cask of beer
11-12 Bagpiper Club Bagpipes
13-14 Butcher Meat cleaver big hunk of meat
15-16 Cheesemaker Cheesewire Wheel of cheese
17-18 Chirurgeon Bonesaw Needle and thread
19-20 Cooper Crowbar Barrel
21-22 Ditch Digger Shovel Bag of dirt
23-24 Dog breeder Stick Dog
25-26 Dyer Stirring paddle 3 jars of dye
27-28 Falconer Studded leather glove Falcon
29-30 Prophet Gnarled staff devoted disciple
31-32 Pig Farmer Crook Piglet
33-34 Chicken Farmer Carving knife Hen
35-36 Vegetable Farmer Hoe Sack of vegetables
37-38 Fisherman Net Rod and tackle
39-40 Forester Shortbow w/6 arrows Animal trap
41-42 Fowler knife dog
43-44 Furrier Skinning knife Pelt
45-46 Healer Club Medical kit
47-48 Herbalist Knife Pouch of herbs
49-50 Hermit Staff Hide cloak
51-52 Horse Whisperer Lasso Saddle, reins
53-54 Hunter Shortbow with 6 arrows Jar of deer urine
55-56 Ice Cutter Ice saw 50 lbs block of ice
57-58 Leatherworker Hammer Leather armor
59-60 Leech Dagger Jar of leeches
61-62 Mason Hammer 50 lbs of Granite
63-64 Messenger Sling Horse
65-66 Midwife Heavy pot 6 clean towels
67-68 Miner Pickaxe Bag of coal
69-70 Orphan Big stick Rag doll
71-72 Peat cutter Shovel Sack of peat
73-74 Pickler Steel ladle Jar of pickles
75-76 Pie maker Rolling pin delicious pie
77-78 Prostitute Brass knuckles 2d6 silver pieces
79-80 Scrimshaw Engraving awl Uncarved piece of ivory
81-82 Shaman Mace Pouch of herbs
83-84 Shepherd Crook Lamb
85-86 Stonecutter Sledgehammer Fossil
87-88 Taxidermist Long needle Stuffed animal
89-90 Trader Shortsword 20 copper
91-92 Trapper Sling animal trap
93-94 Distiller Club Bottle of whiskey
95-96 Water bearer Staff 2 buckets
97-98 Weaponsmith Great weapon oil and whetstone
99-00 Woodcutter Axe Bundle of wood