The Jutes occupy western Angland, having settled there shortly after the angles. The Jutes originated as a tribe on the Danish peninsula to the East of Albion. After a time, they outgrew the limited resources available and sent half their population to Albion to colonize.

Jutes mostly worship Woden and other germanic gods, with an emphasis on good fortune and travel.

They produce some of the best craftsmen in the Isles and trade goods in many realms. Their culture has turned urban with sprawling cities and towns surrounding castles and keeps.

They are also safe from most preton attacks due to a lack of wild areas for the preton menace to hide in. Preton raiders do occasionally wreak some amount of havok every few years, before being killed.

Jute characters have a high chance of having a background in the arts and crafts.

Background table for Jutes

Roll Occupation Item 1 Item 2 Anything Else
1-2 Academic Cane Quill and Ink literate
3-4 Actor Make-up kit Bunch of flowers
5-6 Alchemist 10 lbs lead bar flask of oil
7-8 Apothecary Pouch of herbs Pestle and mortor
9 Aristocrat Fancy clothes Foppish wig Noble
11-12 Armorer Conan style bracers Iron helmet
13-14 Painter Set of paints Set of brushes
15-16 Astronomer Book of star charts Spyglass
17-18 Baker Rolling pin 1 lbs sack of flour
19-20 Barber Scissors Medical kit
21 Beggar Cup Crutch
22-23 Blacksmith Hammer Steel tongs
24-25 Bowyer Quiver Spare bow string
26-27 Brewer keg tapper Cask of Ale
28 Brick layer Trowel Bag of bricks
29-30 Busker Instrument Instrument case
31-32 Butcher Leather apron Ham hock
33-34 Candlestick maker Candle stick 3 candles
35-36 Cheesemaker Cheese cutting wire wheel of cheese
37-38 Chirurgeon Leather strap Needle and thread
39-40 Cobbler Awl Shoehorn
41-42 Cook Fillet knife Chef's hat
43-44 Cooper Crowbar empty barrel
45-46 Crystal Carver Chisel pouch of quartz
47 Cultist Dagger Hooded robe
48 Cutpurse Cloak with pockets Money belt
49-50 Dentist Small hammer Sack of teeth
51 Diplomat 1d4 foreign contacts Fancy clothes
52-53 Dog Breeder Puppy 10 lbs of puppy chow
54-55 Dyer Stirring paddle 3 jars of dye
56 False prophet Holy book Devoted disciple
57 Farrier 100 steel nails 4 Iron horse shoes
58 Fisherman Net Fishing rod and tackle
59-60 Food Critic Steak knife bottle of fortified wine
61-62 Gambler Pair of dice Flask
63-64 Gardener Shovel Pruning clippers
65 Grave digger Shovel Lantern
66-67 Greengrocer Staff Hand cart
68 Gutter cleaner Staff Bucket
69-70 Handyman Hammer Ladder
71-72 Healer Jar of leeches medical kit
73-74 Jeweler Chisel Uncut jewel worth 20 sp
75 Lamp lighter 10 foot pole Flint and tinder
76-77 Lawyer Monocle Law book
78-79 Leatherworker Club Leather armor
80-81 Librarian Magnifying glass Interesting book
82-83 Locksmith Dagger Specialist tools
84 Lookout Lantern Spyglass
85-86 Mason Chisel 50 lbs block of marble
87 Messenger Scroll case Horse
88 Watchman Badge Shiny steel helmet
89 Orphan Cup Rag doll
90-91 Scribe Pen and ink 10 sheets parchment
92-93 Merchant Abacus Money belt
94 Squire Longsword Shield Noble
95 Street Sweeper Broom Sack of garbage
96 Burglar Hooded cloak 2d4 caltrops
97 Vagrant Cane beggers bowl
98 Water carrier staff 2 buckets
99-00 Weaponsmith Steel tongs Oil and whetstone